There is nothing like getting swept up by the caress of water: in nature, in the shower or in the most intimate grooming. The bidet toilets make the most of their purifying power to achieve total hygiene in the toilet, within reach of all homes and needs.

Among Roca’s Smart Toilets, you can choose In-Wash®, a comprehensive solution with fully customizable washing and cleaning functions; or Multiclean®, which brings together the same functions in a seat and cover for WC, very easy to install in your toilet. Two different products, two ways of transforming your grooming rituals in the bathroom.

IN-WASH® | Roca

For a fully customized experience, In-Wash® offers washing and cleaning functions in which you can adjust the position of the nozzle and the pressure and temperature of the water and air. Thanks to its intuitive use, you will be able to comfortably activate it with the remote control or by using its side panel, trusting that a presence sensor will prevent its involuntary activation.


If you don’t need to replace your WC but you would like to have a bidet toilet, the easiest way to do it is by installing Multiclean®. Compatible with a wide range of Roca toilets, you simply have to replace your old WC cover with these new seats that can be adapted to any interior design style as they are available in Round, Soft and Square designs.

Achieving a bidet toilet has never been easier with Multiclean®.  Compatible with a wide range of Roca toilets, fit it easily into your WC and start enjoying its fully customizable washing and drying functions.

If you choose Multiclean® Advance, your great partner will be the intuitive side panel included in this bidet seat, while Multiclean® Premium not only adds a remote control but also more functions, such as the possibility of choosing the temperature of the seat or the functionality that removes bad odours from the WC.

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