Rimless Has Never Been So Easy To Clean The Toilet
Rimless Has Never Been So Easy To Clean The Toilet

Various technologies have contributed in recent decades to facilitate this task through more powerful and efficient discharge systems.  Today, the design comes together for an even more practical and functional experience.

As its name suggests, Roca’s Rimless toilet models have eliminated the traditional WC bowl rim. But why? Watch the video below to discover the benefits of Rimless technology:

Easy cleaning

In traditional toilets, water flows through a channel before flushing inside the bowl. This channel is known as the rim. In Roca’s Rimless toilets the rim has been removed for a very simple reason: to eliminate any nooks and crannies where dirt could accumulate. In doing so, cleaning the toilet has never been easier.

Consistent Water Distribution

Having made big changes to the bowl, it was also necessary to develop a flushing system optimised for the new rimless design. The water distribution system in Rimless WCs flushes the water with more force than before and ensures an even distribution across the whole bowl.

Maximised Cleaning Area

The new and improved Rimless WC design allows flushes to reach higher around the bowl. This means that the entire surface area is cleaned.  The design also prevents water from splashing over the edge of the bowl.

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