Foster Cooker Hob Milano Air, Kitchen Electric Induction Hob
RM16,800.00 RM21,000.00
Foster Cooker Hob Milano Air, Kitchen Electric Induction Hob
Price RM16,800.00 RM21,000.00
Product SKU Milano Air
Brand Foster
Size (L x W x H) 860 mm x 530 mm x 0 mm
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  • 9 Power setting per zone
  • Powerboost function
  • Power control function
  • Electronic programming
  • Double bridge function
  • Touch control
  • End 0f cooking programming
  • Smart fan system


Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245POWERBOOSTBooster function provides increased power to the selected plate. In particular, when the Booster is activated, the plate works for ten minutes at a very high power that allows to heat quickly large quantities of water.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245POT DETECTORAll induction cooker hobs detect the pot resting on them, but they also calculate the area they cover. This system allows the energy to be used even more efficiently. Moreover, the plates switch off automatically when the pot is removed.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245SMART FAN SYSTEMCorrect ventilation is essential for the induction hob to function in the best possible way. The Foster system automatically regulates the amount of ventilation to suit the temperatures reached.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245SAFE COOKINGAll Foster cooker hobs are equipped with safety valves. They shut off the gas supply very quickly if the flame accidentally goes out.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245END-OF-COOKING PROGRAMMINGAll operations are programmed by means of the touch-control on the glass itself. Each cooking plate is capable of independent programming, and thus the possibility to set different cooking times.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245TIMERIndipendent timer from the end-of-cooking function.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245POWER CONTROL FUNCTIONPowerControl function allows the use of induction technology also in case of household maximum power as low as 3 kW. The maximum power can indeed be self-limited to the desired level to a minimum of 2.8 kW. Once the maximum power is set, we can forget about the absorbed energy because Foster induction hob will give us a warning about possible limitations, allowing to choose how to allocate the available energy. The hob can be easily reprogrammed at any time to modify or remove the power limit.
Cooker hob Foster Milano Air 7391 245BRIDGE ZONEThe new hobs with Bridge function allow to associate two zones forming a single extended cooking zone for pots of large size, or for more than one cooking simultaneously, with maximum flexibility in pot positioning. With the additional Double Booster feature provided by all Bridge hobs, the exceptional 3700 W power can be concentrated on a single plate or made available uniformly over the enlarged area.
Code product7391245
MaterialCeramic glass
Dimensions860x530 mm
Full descriptionHoods Foster Milano heating element four zones, edge/installation type bevelled edge - for flush-mount (ft) or over-mount (fts) installation
Heating elementFour zones
OperationSuction hood (filtering mode with optional carbon filters)
Suction speed6 suction speeds (4 + 2 intensive)
Air flow rate680 mc/h
Built-in holeView technical data sheet (for all Flush-mount / Top-mount models and Under-mount models)
GridsCast iron grids and enamelled burner covers
Width86 cm
Total power7.400** W
2 front areasØ 160 mm - 1.200 (1.600)* W
2 rear areasØ 200 mm - 2.300 (3.000)* W
2 extended Bridge areas3.700 W
Energy classA++
Power settings9 power settings per zone + Powerboost
SafetySafety equipment
TypeInduction Hob
Type of commandsTouch Control
Notes:**With the function PowerControl, maximum power can be set on the user to the listed values
Notes:2 washable grease filters;
Automatic delayed shutdown;
Grease and carbon filter saturation warnings;
Optional filtering operation with carbon filters.

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