Hydro One
Hydro One
Hydro One
Hydro One

Hydro One is a Malaysian based company that produces a diverse range of home living products and solutions. From design to distribution, Hydro One has contributed to the contemporary lifestyle in many homes.

Our diversified product range can be categorised into "Water Appliances", "Pool & Spa" and "Commercial & Industrial Solutions", with Hydro One Fiberpool®, Hydro One Eco Heater and Solarwave Solar Water Heater stands out as our flagship products. Besides, our water filtration and treatment systems are widely recognised and adapted solutions in commercial & industrial sector as well.

All the Hydro One products were created with equal attention to modern lifestyle requisites while bringing value-adding features as the product’s core values to customers and end-users apart from the conventional solutions.

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  • Ceramic Heating Elements
  • Super Fast Heat Up
  • Slim Design
  • Led Panel