Bathroom for the Family
Bathroom for the Family

When planning for a family bathroom, you not only have to consider the design and layout but also how it is safe and functional for every member of the family. Bathroom is one of the dangerous places in the house for the young ones and the elderly. Here are some tips on how to customize your bathroom to the needs of your family.

Safe for the Little Ones

Eliminate the risk of young children scalding when turning on the shower. A thermostatic shower mixer maintains an exact water temperature every time the shower is switched on and throughout the duration of your shower. It also protects you and your family from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower. Should there be a failure in your cold-water supply, the thermostatic valve will automatically shut down. Protect your family from the risk of scalding while enjoying maximum showering comfort.

Easy for Everyone

Choose tap levers that are friendly for little hands and elderly with arthritis discomfort. A twist head tap will provide easy grip and help your little ones develop motor skills. Whereas a straight level head taps will be easier to use and cause less discomfort to elderly folks. The design of the tap levers will not affect the lifespan of the tap. Johnson Suisse faucets are recognized by European Standards for being able to withstand 500,000 cycles with a 5 years warranty.

Support for Seniors

Adding bathroom safety and accessibility items increases mobility and independence which impacts quality of life positively. Bathroom safety and accessibility equipment are not only for the disabled but also the less mobile. Don’t risk the safety of an elderly in the family by ignoring the ‘what-ifs.’ The combination of slight immobility and a wet floor is risk enough to cause fatal injuries. Give your loved ones the independence and confidence they deserve. Being able to live at home and maintain independence will not seem like a great deal until you have to trouble others to do things you never need help with. 

Love the Ladies
Mother, daughter, wife or sister, the lady/ladies at home deserve an allocated space to get ready. A good vanity area consists of good lighting, clear reflection and sufficient storage space. A well-lighted bathroom will look more spacious and provide the right light to see oneself clearly in the mirror. When choosing a mirror here are some factors to consider, size of wall space, the height difference of people using it, and design to complement overall bathroom design. To maximize bathroom vanity storage, opt for basin cabinets or mirror cabinets. 

Personal Preferences in the Shower

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to hand shower functions and everyone gets to have it their way with multi-function hand showers. Enjoy up to 5 different spray patterns to best suit your need and the need of each member of the household. Choose hand showers with pressure compensating flow control components to get a consistent flow over wide pressure range. You can now choose to indulge in a warm massage-like shower or a refreshing quick shower. 

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